Function List


Local Security
Data Loss Prevention

• Flexible control mode: Disable, read-only, plaintext, encryption (password, drag & drop, specified PC), temp policy

• Support external HDD, USB drive, SD card, MP3…etc.

• External storage device registration method: Hardware, software, serial number

• MTP (smart phone) control

• HDD Protection:

  · MBR and BitLocker disk protection: Prevent users escape control by using CD-ROM boot, USB drive boot, or HDD cascade

  · BitLocker auto unlock disk after login Windows, support both GPT / MBR format

  • Copy file to external storage device with supervisor approval
  • Limit size of daily copy or single file to an external storage device
  • Configure printing policy for each local or network printer
  • Watermark protection
  • Backup the printed content or file
  • Alert and notification while printing with specified file name
  • Allow temporary printing or cancel watermark with supervisor approval
  • Optical Device Control

    • Disable disc recorder (CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray)
    • Disable burning applications


    • Burned into ciphertext or plaintext
    • Comprehensive record & alert
    • Burn CD/DVD with supervisor approval
  • System File Activity & Operation Record: Record system file deletion and rename event (includes command mode operation)
  • User Activity & Operation Record:
    1. Software execution and operation
    2. Web browsing
    3. OS Login & logout
    4. File operations includes create, copy, move, rename and delete
  • Microsoft Office file access control and log (open, save, save as)
  • Clipboard log (copy, copy paste)
  • Port and tools protection: IrDA transceiver, Bluetooth, file transfer software, PrtScr key, remote control, GHOST, VMWare, Virtual Box, Hyper-V, P2P software, SHARE tools, registry editor, sound card, …etc.
  • Disable the built-in or USB wireless network card
  • General device control: Disable devices in Windows Device Manager
  • Control Windows virtual devices, e.g., mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 phones

Individual encryption virtual discs: Store important files, and record user’s behavior on X-DISK