X-FORT builds the perfect monitoring platform for establishing leadership in third party payment

After the Financial Supervisory Commission announced that it will be lifting restrictions on third party payment in response to the era of mobile devices, more and more companies are providing third party payment services. This will allow stores to rapidly diversify their payment channels at a low cost, and accommodate consumers’ habit of using mobile payment. In light of the severe competition between third party payment service providers, Gangu Tech, a well-known Taiwanese company, decided to use X-FORT, the electronic data monitoring system developed by FineArt Technology Co., Ltd., to build a monitoring platform to prevent business secrets from being stolen. The platform protects the safety of classified documents and marketing plans, so that the company can maintain its leadership in the third party payment market.

Lin Ting-Hsun, CEO of Gangu Tech, said: “I asked employees to boldly engage in innovation and emphasize creativity. Only then will products be able to enter the market and gain popularity among users. Hence, every payment service is the result of employees putting their heads together in research and development. We are happy to utilize X-FORT’s comprehensive control of business secrets, which protects enterprise’s security during operations, allows employees to focus on creative ideas and business promotion, and builds the competitiveness of enterprises in the business environment.”


Rapid business expansion requires the assistance of monitoring tools

Gangu Tech Co., Ltd. was established in August 2013. The company brought together the elite in third party payment to develop and promote the electronic wallet OnePaid. Besides integrating stored value, withdrawal, and payment functions, the company is constantly developing and integrating e-commerce C2C, B2C, and B2B payment channels, as well as online payment infrastructure. It will further expand its service to O2O in the future, so that buyers will not only gain sufficient security, but also enjoy fast and convenient shopping through different payment methods. Stores can integrate products, logistics, online marketing, and online store management methods through the services and management functions provided by the transaction platform, which brings them new sales opportunities and profit models.

Considering that hacker organizations are now targeting mobile platforms, Gangu Tech began using different types of information security equipment to protect the customer information stored on online platforms, so as to avoid the risk of data leakage. Due to the Company’s short history, the IT department used Windows AD to establish file access control mechanisms. The use of flash drives by employees was not restricted in the past, and there were no additional mechanisms to control the actions of employees accessing information or control the printing of documents. Hence, the Company had the risk of business secrets being leaked while its business was rapidly expanding.

Lin Wan-Chi, Manager of the IT Department of Gangu Tech, said: “Due to the Company’s rapid growth, many employees often needed to use flash drives to carry data with larger file size for work, or directly copy the file to the client to give a presentation. Even though the Company has not had a data leakage incident before, it is necessary to have comprehensive document management mechanisms from the perspective of information security management. This way the access records of important files can be immediately obtained to prevent information security incidents from occurring.”


X-FORT’s complete functions meet requirements and FineArt Technology is well reputed for its after-sales service

There are quite a few solutions in the market claiming to be for user behavior monitoring and control and document access control, but there are extremely great differences in the functions and stability of different brands. When the IT department of Gangu Tech looked into the detailed functions of different products, it was extremely concerned about the product’s reputation and the developer’s technical capabilities. After trial and evaluation of multiple aspects, the Company decided to purchase X-FORT, the electronic data monitoring system developed by FineArt Technology, for its control, auditing, monitoring, and management functions, and use the software to control the USB port of employees’ computers. This prevents employees from privately carrying classified documents out of the Company, and reduces incidents of important files being deleted by mistaken.

Lin Wan-Chi said: “FineArt Technology’s X-FORT is highly acclaimed in the industry, and many enterprises were highly satisfied after using the software. The software development team is located in Taiwan, so it is able to provide us with immediate technical support, which is extremely important to us due to the low number of employees we have. Furthermore, X-FORT is highly compatible with Windows and we did not experience any issues with its implementation. Our employees all recently purchased their computers, so it did not affect their daily work progress, and it also effectively restricted access to USB ports.”

Perhaps some people believe that directly shutting off the USB port from BIOS can prevent employees from using flash drives, but this approach does not match Gangu Tech’s corporate culture, and there is also the risk of the password being cracked. If a data leakage incident were to occur, IT personnel would not be able to find the true source of the leak due to the lack of management tools. This is why Gangu Tech decided to implement the electronic data monitoring system X-FORT, creating a management mechanism that will resolve the issue once and for all.


Establishment of USB port use regulations that give consideration to both security and convenience

In order to put an end to the unrestrained use of flash drives in the past, the IT department turned off the USB ports on all computers with the assistance of X-FORT. With consideration to the work requirements of employees in the market and sales departments, the company established application procedures for USB port use at the same time. After an application is reviewed by the supervisor, the IT department will temporarily allow the employee to use the flash drive provided by the IT department. The IT department can use X-FORT’s management tools to check the access and copy history of a flash drive, making it the best solution that is both convenient and practical.

Lin Wan-Chi said: “Also, it is inevitable that employees will delete files or move files to other folders by mistake and forget about it. The IT department had no way to deal with this issue when it occurred in the past, but after implementing X-FORT, IT personnel were able to learn the file’s access records using management functions, which greatly benefited the stability of their daily work. Document printing, an equally tricky issue to handle in the past, was also thoroughly resolved. This is why we are highly satisfied with X-FORT’s performance.”

In light of the significantly improved data protection ability of Gangu Tech after implementing X-FORT, the IT department began evaluating the possibility of implementing X-DoRM which is an electronic document control system, hoping to provide more complete protection for classified data, and achieve and improve the Company’s file security management policy.